Onboarding to the company and team is equally important as hiring. It sets the tone for every moment moving forward and should set the new employee for success.

Make sure that your onboarding process applies the same way to all your employees. Design a clear process and automate as much as possible – without losing the human touch.

From acceptance of the offer till the start date.

Show some love.

Make them see how happy you are that they are joining. You can just give them a call to congratulate, send a funny GIF from the team, or something else based on your company culture.


Make them feel like a part of the team from Day 0. If you have a chance, invite them to a company event even before the start date.


Let them see and sign the contract early on.

Keep it professional.

Keep them informed about next steps, timelines, and people who will reach out to them. Don’t make them wonder.


Set up their work-place and get all the tools ready before the start date.

Give them a read.

Put together onboarding materials to share on the first day. It will give them a break from meetings and will help you save some time.


From start date till the end of the trial period.

Welcome the employee.

Make sure that someone friendly will take care of them when they come to the office on the first day, give a tour, and make them feel welcome. Even the smallest welcome pack is a good idea.

Engage them.

Make them feel like you are excited for them to join and that their input is valuable.

Help them connect.

Introduce them to the team, especially the people they will work with. Make sure they don’t eat lunch alone.


Make sure they are given all the accesses and tools needed.

Build relationships.

Apart from covering the official parts during your onboarding talk, show some interest in the person outside of it.

Have an agenda.

Plan the first days, book slots in their calendars, and don’t let them be idle.

Set expectation.

Early on have a conversation about mutual expectations, don’t make them wonder

Check in often.

Check in regularly to see how are they doing and whether they are on track.

Make space for some fun.