Hiring and people operations is a strategic factor for your business. It is high time to switch from quick fixes to a more analytical and methodical approach.

1. Don’t solve problems by hiring.

Run a root-cause analysis instead. Are you using current resources in the most efficient way? Could you reorganize your team, apply more automation, or use better tools?

2. Before you jump into hiring, think twice: is it really your best option?

Recruitment is expensive, time and money wise. Keep in mind that every new employee will generate more work and cost for your company in terms of operations, management, more complex processes, and eventual replacement. So, is recruitment really your best option

3. Be crystal clear about who you are looking for.

Stay realistic and honest with yourself about what you really need. Work with Job Descriptions – it will save you time and money and will help avoid unnecessary misunderstandings with the team.

4. Define your sourcing strategy upfront.

Keep it methodical. Don’t waste your time on shooting a wide net and waiting. 

5. Learn how to avoid hiring mistakes.

6. All hands on board (everyone should be hiring).

Long gone are the days when hiring was exclusively a recruiter’s role. Ask your leaders to take ownership for building their teams. Set up a referral program and encourage employees to refer their friends. Ensure that everyone understands the importance of a quick hiring process and providing feedback. Train the interviewers so they feel confident and bring real value.

7. Live and breath Employer Branding.

Does Employer Branding sound like an HR topic? Nothing further from reality. It is strongly linked with your product and brand. The sooner you start thinking about it, the more synergies you’ll be able to create.

8. Run regular checks.

Make sure that all the roles in your organization are growing in a balanced way. Otherwise, you risk ending up with bottlenecks, lost resources, and disappointed employees, as they’ll be unable to do their jobs.