Reality check

Even the best hiring process needs a regular reality check. 

The needs of your company change and so do the profiles of people you are looking for. It is also a good way to make sure that execution of the process works well.

Initially, it might look easier to design a strict hiring process and stick to it, rejecting everyone who is not a good fit. The problem is that it makes you pass on lots of great people just because they don’t fit the exact set of expectations, which might be even not the right set for you (if you don’t measure that, you will never know if passion or product orientation are big factors for your team success).

Run regular reality checks and make sure that:

The Hiring Process Actually Works

Is your feedback about candidates close to reality and their performance in everyday work?

Your Hiring Criteria Are Relevant

Do the skills and behaviors you assess the ones that make your employees the most successful?

Process And Approach Are Well Profiled

Are we attracting the right candidates? Are we losing candidates during the process? Who and why?

Keep in mind that you cannot run a reality-check without data:

Always collect feedback after interviews.

Write down all doubts and questions, and see later if they confirmed or not.

Then, assess the interviewing skills of your hiring team – and 
train them accordingly.

reality check