Since 2011 I’ve been working with successful companies across Europe, both startups and multinationals (and you can read more about my experience and references here).

Today, as an independent consultant, I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with mission-driven, people-centered companies. Let’s work together to develop tailor-made Recruitment and People Operations solutions for your organization.

For transparency, I share my standard pricing. If you’re interested in multiple services or longer projects, ask me for individual time and price estimation.


Recruitment audit
700EUR per day

Let’s analyze your recruitment processes, the tools you use and the skills of your hiring team. Outcome: SWOT analysis, recommendations for actions.

Culture & Organisational-health audit
700EUR per day

We will interview your employees and gather objective feedback about your organization. Outcome: SWOT analysis, recommendations for actions.


Designing the hiring process
700EUR per day

We start with an analysis of your existing hiring process and its alignment with your business objectives. Next, by working closely with your team and ensuring a further buy-in, we prepare a draft of a proposed process (from the moment the hiring need is identified until extending the offer to your chosen candidate.

Outcome: defined hiring criteria, ready to use Job Descriptions, a designed hiring process, a choice of assessment methodologies and more – depending on your organizational needs.

Recruit your recruiter
2000 EUR retain fee + 20% success fee

We start with an analysis of your business objectives and hiring plans. Then we define the recruiter’s profile that your organization needs. Finally, we provide you with a shortlist of relevant candidates and show you how to interview recruiters (it can be tricky since chances are they’ve run more interviews than you did).

Train your recruiting team
1,500EUR per workshop with follow up materials

Help your recruiters attract the right candidates -and save on agency fees.
We inspire and empower your in-house recruiters to deliver extraordinary results. Via workshops and individual mentoring sessions, we share knowledge (market trends, competitive analysis, in-depth knowledge about relevant roles, employer branding), teach them new  skills (sourcing, communication with passive candidates, handling objections, negotiations) and share best practices (candidate care, strategic hiring, relevant tools and technologies).

LEVEL 3: EMPOWER YOUR HIRING TEAM (for non-recruiters)

Workshops for interviewers
1,500EUR per workshop with follow up materials

Equip your team with skills and knowledge – it will help you avoid hiring mistakes.
This workshop is designed for any interviewers who have no recruitment background and lack basic recruitment experience. During an interactive workshop we will share our knowledge on the interviewing methodology (a good interview is much more than a random conversation), practice essential hiring skills (asking the right questions; in a time-limited context you need to choose smart) and brainstorm how to rightly assess candidates (not everything you notice is equally important).


Project-based recruitment support
1000 EUR retain fee + 20% success fee

Best choice, if you have 1-5 roles to fill in a short time or your hiring need is urgent.

Interim recruiter
Overall price depends on the length and location of the project.

If you plan to increase your recruitment efforts for a couple of months, you might want to hire an interim recruiter (available also part-time). On top of getting successful hires, an interim recruiter provides an added value to your hiring team such as their existing network.

Interim Head of Recruitment / PeopleOps
Overall price depends on the length and location of the project.

Hire an experienced interim Head of PeopleOps to set up strong foundations for your business.

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